End of 2007

Well, I haven’t posted in a few days. The websites had a small hiccup and I panicked, thinking they had been infected again. That solved itself by the end of the day – it turned out the host had a technical problem. Then I managed to re-link all the old photos that were on the …

Testing the LJ Cross-Post Feature

One more time. EDIT: Got to thank Mark and missbabyblue for pointing out this plugin. I’m still figuring out what I can do with WordPress.


I got everything moved over to the new host. So now, hopefully, madkiwi.org will not be messed up.


Well, the genealogy section is all there now. I’m still adding photos, etc. and tweaking it but it is working now. It doesn’t look pretty yet, but it’s working. I don’t want to transfer anything over directly for fear of re-infecting things with bad code (not absolutely sure it is the old host). I’m afraid …

Website Coming Along

Had the big Christmas dinner last night for work. Quite nice. I’ll have to post some pictures from the dinner soon. I’ve been so busy trying to set up the genealogy stuff here so that I can turf it off the old site that I haven’t even downloaded the photos yet. I haven’t finished wrapping …

New Website

Trying out a new host so we’ll see how it goes.