Crumpet Update

By the end of the batch they were starting to look good. Still not perfect, but I think I’m starting to get the idea. I’ll post more about them, but you can compare the picture to the other one I posted.

And It’s Still Snowing

So, I now have the driveway shoveled (for all the good that does). It’s still snowing. Mark did surgery on the Roomba last night1 and it’s all charged up. It had a test run this morning and now seems to be working just fine. Shasta likes to follow it around. She doesn’t seem afraid at …

Yay for Good Neighbors!

The neighbor down the road has a 4-wheeler with a plow and has already plowed the sidewalks! Now I can enjoy my coffee before going out to shovel. Yes, it’s still snowing 🙂 🙂

No Shortage of Baked Goods

The raisin bread I made on Saturday really didn’t come out as well as I would have liked. It was a bit dry and took forever to rise. I’m not sure what causes that although I didn’t have the instant yeast open so I had to proof the active dry that I used. The other …

Getting Things Accomplished

Well I’m making cinnamon raisin bread today. I was going to make another batch of the hearth bread but I still haven’t received my new pizza stone. Apparently the supplier didn’t tell the Baker’s Catalogue folks that they were closed for inventory. So I am supposed to have it by Thursday. Grrr. I was also …

Ski Photos

I managed to upload a few photos from the ski trip today. I think I’m too tired to post anything meaningful about the trip but I believe we all had a great time. Mark and I stopped and picked up Kit and then headed toward the Idaho border where the Lookout Pass resort is located. …


We went skiing today. This was my second time skiing in Montana and my first time skiing in Idaho (the resort was on the Idaho/Montana border). Tired. There are pictures which will be posted later.