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Well, it’s snowing again. Yesterday morning it tried to snow and ended up raining most of the day. It’s supposed to be in the low to mid forties for most of the week. This morning we got up and there was about two inches of very wet snow on the ground. And it’s still snowing. Of course. Because we’ve been planning to BBQ since Saturday and because the kiwi unlocked his hubs yesterday. I still think most of this will be gone by mid-day, but we’ll see. Yesterday it kept trying to snow even when the temperature got up to 37 F. It’s currently 33 F.


In other news, I got a couple of those gamma seal bucket lids the Commander raves about. We got a big bag of rice that’s gonna go into one of those buckets as soon as I can get the bucket cleaned up and the lid on.

Yesterday evening it started snowing. Then it promptly turned into rain. So, it rained last night and a lot of the snow is now gone. The temperature is about 37 degrees right now. This also left the driveway as one big sheet of ice. The kiwi went out this morning to get the paper and had to use a lot of deicer to get there. I’m sure the roads are really fun this morning.


Now for the cooking. Yesterday the kiwi broke into a package of crumpets that he managed to obtain. So we got to thinking about what a pain it is to find any crumpets in this town and I hit the intarwebs to find out if it was something I could attempt to make at home. Well it seemed like it might be pretty simple but I didn’t have any crumpet rings. You see, crumpets are made from a yeast batter that you cook on a griddle using rings to contain the batter. In fact, crumpets are almost the same batter and preparation method as you use for English muffins. The difference is that the crumpets have a thinner batter. OK, so I need to find some crumpet rings. My favorite King Arthur Flour: Baker’s Catalog have them, but they are out of stock. Amazon, Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma have them too but they are all pretty pricey and the shipping costs were high. So off to the local stores to see what they have. I read that egg rings are the same diameter and will work fine for the job. Long story short, we found them at the third store we looked in. So I’m all set to go. After dinner I attempted to make the recipe I found here. I halved the recipe since this is experimental. After the batter rose, I heated up the skillet and the rings and then plopped the batter in. Bottom line, the holes did not form on the top very well and what I ended up with looked more like and English muffin. I think the batter was a bit too thick and I perhaps put too much in the ring. I tried to toast them this morning like an English muffin but the tasted very yeasty and not really like an English muffin. This morning I am attempting it again using the recipe I found on KAF. I hope this batter is a bit thinner. I will also not fill the rings quite as much. Again making a half recipe. We’ll see how this goes. And I just found this recipe which may confirm my question about the batter consistency. Hmmmm.