Let’s see… Monday and Tuesday I worked ALL. DAY. LONG. Then the office manager was back and I worked a half day on Wednesday to get caught up. The cat got her stitches out yesterday and I had to shovel snow twice. It didn’t snow at all last night though. Today I will be paying bills and baking bread (or making the dough anyway). Tomorrow is the Grizzly Dip and Sunday is the SB. We’ll probably go out to my folks for that. Next week, I have a couple of doctor appointments. Then starting on Friday, I have to work seven full days! 🙁 It really exhausts me for some reason. And yes, our office is open on President’s day so I will be working all day that day. Our friend, Phil is coming out to visit that weekend too so we’ll probably end up skiing that weekend. I’m getting tired thinking about it.

Oh, and Kit, I made your Faux Cheese Danishes with puff pastry yesterday. I’m not sure of the best way to form them, but they taste pretty good 😀

Now I think you are all caught up with my schedule.