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This is a photo from my great grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Since you have to have a log in for that part, I put this one on Flickr.

Carmichael 50th Wedding Anniversary

I’ve been updating the photos on the genealogy site and I’m finding some cool new features that I couldn’t use or didn’t know about before. I can apply an image map to this photo and have links to the record for each of the people in the photo. Cool. Of course it takes time to do all that :/


Well, the genealogy section is all there now. I’m still adding photos, etc. and tweaking it but it is working now. It doesn’t look pretty yet, but it’s working. I don’t want to transfer anything over directly for fear of re-infecting things with bad code (not absolutely sure it is the old host). I’m afraid to put a forward on the old one too…


In other news, we got some snow last night and I need to mail our Christmas presents to various folks. Ho ho ho!